SSF Series Tape Feeders



Compatible with SIPLACE® family placement machines.


  • Drop in compatibility
  • Single tape window design for easy loading
  • Interactive status indicators with built in diagnostic modes
  • Modular feeder design that allows service or repair to be done on site by user
  • Simple, electronic pick point adjustment and calibration
  • No preventive maintenance or lubrication required
  • Reverse index for less component loss and faster set up
  • Light weight construction
Specifically designed to enhance line operation and productivity. With a durable light weight construction and easy loading features the SSF feeder will accommodate any line configuration. The SSF tape feeders incorporates many unique features that make operation simple, maintenance minimal and cost of ownership the lowest in their class. The use of stepper motor technology means that tape indexing is smooth and repeatable. Component loading is simplified by the introduction of reversible tape indexing that significantly reduces component loss at set up. SSF feeders are drop in compatible and require no modifications to the machine of programs.

Download SSF Triple-lane Operator Guide
Download SSF Single-lane Operator Guide